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Q: What are the visiting hours of the Taj Mahal and when it remains closed?
Ans: Visiting hours of the Taj Mahal are 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes before sunset & it is closed on every friday while all other monuments and tourist places in Agra are open from Sunrise to Sunset.

Q: Best Time to Visit Taj Mahal & Agra?
Ans: The Taj Mahal is a dynamic image with different beauty as the sunlight alters its color during the day, so technically you can make a visit anytime of the day.
However, sunrise is Preferred by most of the tourist as the monument is like a blooming flower when the twilight gilds it with pink color. Moreover, visiting in the early morning you can not only avoid the heat during summer but also the crowds. For those people in pursuit of some perfect shots and don’t want to wait too long, getting up earlier can be very rewarding.

However, Sunset visit is also a nice choice. The temperature becomes cool and the monument is surrounded by soft silver light. Usually there are more visitors at sunset than sunrise. Patience is necessary to capture some good pictures.

If you happen to be in Agra on the full moon day or 2 days before/after, a night visit to the Taj Mahal is also available. Unlike what you see in the daytime, the silhouette of the structure against the dark sky and moonlight is full of peace and magic.
Night Viewing tickets can be booked seven days before the date of viewing through website

Q: How to get day visit tickets for Taj Mahal?
Ans: Day visit tickets can be bought either from ticket window at both the gates or online on
Best Season to visit – October to March.

Q: What are the charges of night viewing of the Taj Mahal?
Ans: Charges for a domestic Tourist is Rs 510/- and for a foreigner, it is Rs 750/- per person.

Q: Are there any timings for night viewing of the Taj Mahal?
Ans: Yes, night view is allowed between 20:00 to 23:59 hours only and the duration of visit is 30 minutes.

Q: Where can I get the night viewing tickets from?
Ans: Tickets are available at Archaeological Survey of India, 22 Mall Road, Agra. Ph:0562-2227261/62. You have to buy these tickets a day before the viewing date.

Q: What is the maximum limit for night viewing?
Ans: The maximum number of tourists allowed for night viewing are 400, divided in 8 batches of 50 people in each batch.

Q. What else is there in Agra to see?
Agra is full of tourism potential for tourists. It has three world heritage sites i.e. Taj Mahal, Agra Fort & Fatehpur Sikri (40 Km). Apart from these heritage sites Agra also has Itimad-ud-daula (baby Taj), Mehtab Bagh, Sikandra, Chini Ka Rauza, Rambagh, Soamibagh, Mariam Tomb and many other heritage sites, also Taj Nature Walk, Shahjahan Park, Keetham Bird Sanctuary, as excursions – Bateshwar (70 km), Chambal Sanctuary (80 km), Shoripur (75 km), Mathura (60 km), Firozabad (50 km), Aligarh (85 km) etc etc.
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