Entry tickets can be bought online through the website of Archaeological Survey of India https://asi.payumoney.com/#/, window ticketing is also available now.
*** Kindly note that issues related to ticketing may kindly be sent / addressed to the custodian department of Taj Mahal which is the Archaeological Survey of India.
We, the department of Tourism are operating this website just for the information purpose for the tourists.

Mumtaz Mahal

Taj Mahotsav

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You Deserve to Visit - The Taj! Once More!

One knows that ‘The Taj’ is one amongst the World’s Wonders!
One knows that it is one amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Sites!!
One knows The Taj as a legend of eternal love of an Emperor for his favourite Queen!!!

Well, ‘The Taj’ has distinctions much beyond just these!
Therefore, ‘The Taj’, surely, deserves your visit once and more!!!

Come, Walk along the pathway beside the reflecting pool with fountains upto the mausoleum crafted in soft & pure marble and jewelled with semi precious stones, where in the serenity of paradise rests the Queen in peace with her King. Come to unfold the pages from the past to churn the charm out of its mystique and enrich your imagination about this marvel of an epic in stone, The Taj!

The grace of perfection of proportions and grandeur of geometrical patterns of well appointed gardens enhancing the poise of the whole complex together add magnificence to the delicacy of this mance of love, dedication and purity, ‘The Taj’!

Come take a dip into the saga of ‘The Taj’, culled out from no fiction but facts and unfurl a saga, which is set out of nothing but pure love!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! Probably for Taj Mahal, the axiom is just the other way round.The Taj is the beauty personified! The Taj displays its different moods through its varied shades. The Taj has as many shades as any kind of beauty can ever have! The Taj is pinkish in the morning, milky white in the evening, golden when the moon shines and the intermediary variants during different hours of the day and during different seasons in a year.

Picturesque descriptions by the historians contemporary to the period of its making, the facts revealed by the scholars & archaeologists of today and the panoramic montage of the reasons behind its making are sketched with every step you would walk towards the mausoleum the next time you visit The Taj!

A look this time at the Taj will keep you indulged with thoughts superimposing your sight and would make you feel the presence of Shah Jahan, the Maker and Mumtaz Mahal, the Reason, as though walking along with you.

Whence its breathtaking splendour makes you wonder breathlessly and you tend to pause for a while but to continue staring at ‘The Taj’, you would sense them standing beside you!

If one has a heart that beats and that beat throbs to seek, the purity of love in galore! Surely one deserves a visit to ‘The Taj’, as much as ‘The Taj’ deserves your visit once, and more!

Come to ‘The Taj’ with blissful pride! Bring the saga come alive!!
Come; fall in love, every time!!!


Shah Jahan


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Brahma Kumaris

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An Experience Like No Other in World
Viewing Taj Mahal at Full Moon Nights...

"Only let this one tear-drop, this Taj Mahal, glisten spotlessly bright on the cheek of time, forever and ever." - Rabindranath Tagore

Night viewing of Taj Mahal is available on five days in a month i.e. on full moon night and two nights before and two after the full moon.

Timing: 20:00 hrs. to 23:59 hrs. in 8 batches of max. 50 people each. Time duration for each batch is half an hour (30 minutes).

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Entry Fee For Taj Mahal

Foreign Tourist
Amount (Rs.)
(Inclusive of ASI & ADA fees)

1100 + 200

Additional for visiting main mausoleum (Optional)

Citizens of SAARC &
BIMSTEC Countries
Amount (Rs.)
(Inclusive of ASI & ADA fees)

540 + 200

Additional for visiting main mausoleum (Optional)

Amount (Rs.)
(Inclusive of ASI & ADA fees)

50 + 200

Additional for visiting main mausoleum (Optional)

Weekdays except Friday Friday Weekdays except Friday Friday After Visiting Taj Weekdays except Friday Friday After Visiting Taj
1 Taj Mahal 50/- CLOSED 1100/- CLOSED CLOSED 540/- CLOSED CLOSED
2 Agra Fort 50/- 40/- 650/- 600/- 600/- 90/- 40/- 40/-
3 Fatehpur Sikri 50/- 40/- 610/- 600/- 600/- 50/- 40/- 40/-
4 Akbar's Tomb, Sikandra 30/- 25/- 310/- 300/- 300/- 30/- 25/- 25/-
5 Itimad-Ud-Daulah 30/- 25/- 310/- 300/- 300/- 30/- 25/- 25/-
6 Mehtab Bagh 25/- 25/- 300/- 300/- 300/- 25/- 25/- 25/-
7 Ram Bagh 25/- 25/- 300/- 300/- 300/- 25/- 25/- 25/-
8 Mariyam's Tomb 25/- 25/- 300/- 300/- 300/- 25/- 25/- 25/-
Tourists buying tickets online will get discount of Rs.5/- for per Indian ticket & Rs. 50/- for per Foreigner ticket.
No Entry fee for children below the age of 15 years. (both Domestic and Foreigner)
Additional Rs.200/- will be charged if one wants to visit main mausoleum

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